The Spili Guestbook

Record no. 4
by : mike hicks
from :
at : Saturday 23rd August 2014 / 18:38:52 hrs (GMT)
I love Crete, the sights ,sounds and the people, food is excellent, a very historical island, have been there several times and is my wish to retire there above all other islands and places i have been to.
Record no. 3
by : cyril mcdonnell
from :
at : Monday 15th October 2012 / 11:20:32 hrs (GMT)
have passed through on the local bus on the way to galini looks beautiful i'm irish and saw a hotel with our national emblem the shamrock on the outside called the green hotel where can i get some information? cyril mcdonnell
Record no. 2
by : David Ross Symes
from : London, United Kingdom.
at : Wednesday 22nd July 2009 / 12:13:35 hrs (GMT)
Great website, its about time Spili had a good site representing it. A couple of years ago I bought an old ruin not far from the Platia (about 50 meters around the back left side as you face the lion fountains) and am currently having it renovated. Hope to live there in the future. Dave
Record no. 1
by : Kurt Schröder
from : Deutschland
at : Thursday 30th April 2009 / 13:31:31 hrs (GMT)
Das Wasser des Brunnens mit den Löwenköpfen muss eine besondere Zusammensetzung haben. Während unseres Kreta-Urlaubs vor drei Jahren hatte meine Lebensgefährtin eine ganz schlimme Sonnenallergie an den Armen. Nach mehrmaligem Eintauchen der Arme in den Brunnen hat sich die Allergie spontan zurück gebildet. Wir werden dieses Jahr (Anfang Juni) wieder einen Urlaub auf Kreta verbringen und selbstverständlich auch wieder Spili aufsuchen. Wir freuen uns schon darauf.